Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessert wine

Dessertwijn produced from grapes harvested later in the growing season, which are more concentrated as a result. The pairing with the robust flavor of dark chocolate produces an authentic taste experience. The BLUE NUN wine trademark is among the earliest in Germany. It has a lengthy history of generating high-quality wines; consequently, these wines have spread throughout the globe. The brand merits the appellation “icon.” Hermann Sichel established his winery in Mainz in 1857. H. Sichel Sohne founded the BLUE NUN brand in 1921, when it decided to bestow a special new designation, BLUE NUN, on the richest wine of the vintage. This brand received immediate acclaim and was served, among other places, in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in London. In the early 1930s, at least one thousand containers of the same brand were transported to the United Kingdom, which was unprecedented for the time. The wine’s worldwide popularity persists to this day. Sichel and Langguth founded the current BLUE NUN in 1995. The focus is on viticulture’s integrity. Using the most advanced methodologies, this wine is continually improved. The wine has become slightly crisper and drier as time has passed. The designation “Qualitatswein” has been awarded to BLUE NUN as a result of the winery’s commitment to achieving continuous improvement.

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