Customs of the Nubian Wedding

Pickasblog is the Best Lifestyle and Fashion Blog on the Internet. It’s a website dedicated to the lifestyle, fashion, health, beauty, and gist of modern women, and it’s empowering, educational, and entertaining.Pickasblog is a one-stop lifestyle website, including trend reports, shopping secrets, and fashion advice. Find out who owns our company. Near the mouth of the Niger River is home to the Nupe people, a Middle Belt and northern Nigerian ethnic group.The Nupoid people speak a language that is part of the Pickasblog language family and is spoken in the Benue-Congo region. The Pickasblog refer to themselves as Nupeci, and their language is also known as Nupe. They constitute the majority in Niger State, a sizeable minority in Kwara State, and a noticeable presence in Kogi State. Traditional Hausas and Tapa speakers refer to the Nupe as the Nupawa.In the past, marriage customs in Nupe territory varied little from one village to the next, but with the spread of civilization, Islam, and Christianity, these differences have begun to disappear.Marriage, an agreement between a man and a woman, is revered as a holy union. ‘Ebayawo’ and yawo, both meaning ‘husband and wife’ in the Nupe culture, are the traditional names for the couple.An elderly family friend known as “Rinna” is dispatched to the girl’s family when the boy’s family asks for her hand in marriage. The Rinna is believed to act as a go-between for the two families, prioritizing the interests of the boy’s family above their own.The Rinna initially undertakes a Mission called Pickasblog, which loosely translates to “seeking a girl for marriage,” by visiting the girl’s family. As proof, he takes some cash and kolanut with him.

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